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What is IP Trend Monitor?

The Dennemeyer Group has teamed up once again with CTC Legal Media to conduct regular surveys on megatrends in the IP industry.

This year's questionnaire focuses on eight pivotal industries, all of which are undergoing significant change thanks to disruptive technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), new business methodologies and external commitments such as meeting the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. For this report, IP Trend Monitor panelists were asked about their projections and expectations for the near future. The questions were designed to address IP-specific issues in general business forecasts and economic developments, allowing us to extract the key data and reflect on differences between respondent groups where appropriate.

What can you expect to see?

  • Automotive industry: The global automotive industry is evolving, with the rising adoption of electric vehicles, autonomous technology advancements and increased demand across the board.

  • Biotech industry: Open innovation is essential for accelerating development, but the primary focus of IP protection will remain new drug compounds.

  • Energy sector: Balancing collaboration with IP exclusivity will be the key challenge in transitioning to a more sustainable energy mix. There is also a significant degree of practical uncertainty surrounding a switchover to renewable energy sources.

  • Digital media: AI's advancement is already impacting the creation and consumption of media. As a result, the entertainment industry must embrace innovative licensing models.

  • Medical devices: Virtual care platforms, implantable devices and robotics in surgery have yet to enter the wider public consciousness. Meanwhile, data security is a top priority for wearable devices.

  • ICT industry: The rate of evolution in this sector is rapid, and its permeation into other areas will only increase as time goes on. AI and machine learning will have the most influence on IP strategies.

  • Pharma industry: Traditional patent exclusivity is not seen as sufficient to ensure affordable access to life-saving medications. At the same, the use of AI in drug discovery will lead to difficulties related to data ownership.

  • Space tech: Although telecommunications and satellites will present significant IP challenges, space tourism could offer lucrative branding opportunities in this field.

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